This site describes how to obtain and use Microsoft Word templates for creating PDF files or printed letters for official use by School of Pharmacy entities.

This letterhead template is intended only for printing to your local printing device. If you want professionally printed letterhead, order it from Documents & Media Stationery. Since the printed letterhead is a separate process, their results might look slightly different than this letterhead.

To obtain this letterhead…

Do this…

  • School of Pharmacy

  • Education Unit

  • California Poison Control System (CPCS)

  • Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI)

Submit your request to Website Support.

  • Office of the Dean

  • Office of Education and Instructional Support

  • Office of Planning and Communications

  • Office of Student and Curricular Affairs

Contact the head of the unit.

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences

  • Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Contact your MSO.


  • The template includes lorem ipsum placeholder text. Simply replace this text with your letter.

  • Alter the text in the template to contain your name, title, and contact info:

    1. Double-click to the right of the UCSF logo. This opens editing for the header and footer, and the text you want to edit is included in the first page header.
    2. Right-click the text you want to change. A popup menu appears.
    3. Select Edit Text from the menu. You should now be able to edit the text.
  • Do not alter the logos in the template; the logos and their sizes and placement are specified by University Relations.

Don’t see the entity you need?

Contact us.

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