Welcome to the Savic Lab! Our team of driven, talented individuals is dedicated to harnessing data-driven PK/PD modeling and simulation as resources for improving global health. Here, we utilize innovative technologies and explore gaps in world health knowledge, demonstrating every day the ways that our work modeling and simulating exposure-response relationships, disease processes, and the effects of new drug therapies can go beyond the limits of human-disease knowledge and protocol to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in global health today, improving patient outcomes and treatment effectiveness.

The Savic Lab is currently engaged in groundbreaking projects in the fields of HIV, translational PK/PD for tuberculosis, and pediatric infectious diseases and malaria. Through research, modeling, and simulations, our team is making progress toward less invasive and more effective treatment and prevention mechanisms for these widespread and devastating ailments. Our work is helping to create healthier people and a healthier world.

Lab members in a green field in the mountains on a nice day

2023 Savic Lab Hike