Research & Projects

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Clinical and Translational Tuberculosis

The Savic Lab aims to develop translational platforms able to predict drug exposure levels and efficacy in clinical studies and, thereby, to optimize dosing. The lab is making progress toward shifting the focus of the clinical development of new tuberculosis drugs from basic safety and efficacy to specific safety endpoints that will reduce the amounts of trials, subjects, and time necessary for drug approval. This will enable new safe and efficacious therapies to be brought to market more quickly and with more efficiency and will prevent unnecessary deaths due to drug resistance and treatment failure.

Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Malaria

The Savic Lab is working to optimize anti-infective treatment and prevention strategies for vulnerable populations. Our goals are to improve understanding of the unique treatment needs of children – especially those made vulnerable due to HIV and malnutrition – in order to eliminate preventable deaths due to infectious diseases in resource-limited settings and to recommend evidence-based policy changes to anti- infective indications, choices, and dosing regimens for vulnerable populations.

HIV Prevention

The Savic Lab’s goal is to optimize the prevention of HIV infection through PK/PD modeling and simulation. To accomplish this, we are working to identify and reach those most vulnerable and at risk of HIV infection, and identify optimal treatment and formulation options through considering alternative target drug concentrations and individual commitment to adherence in order to establish a quantitative relationship between tenofovir levels and HIV prevention.