Systems Model of TB Including Translation from EBA Study to Clinical Trial Efficacy

The Savic Lab is working to create a systems model of TB including translation from EBA study data to data on clinical trial efficacy, which will enable the validation of the relationship of in vitro values to clinical trial outcomes, expediting drug development and validation. Currently, systems models built around tuberculosis are often built with the ability to characterize small, confined sets of trials and experiments. Such trials and experiments are useful in the further investigation of specific drugs for EBA studies or for the investigation of prospective changes to existing drugs in full treatment periods, but most fail quickly once newly developed drugs are introduced or dosing regimens are significantly altered. The lab is working on a systems model of tuberculosis that represents a broad range of parameters, all of which can be characterized via in vitro and in vivo studies. The model is currently being developed beyond its validated clinical-trial predictive scope into translation from preclinical studies to model predicted EBA and clinical trial efficacy.