We focus on modeling and simulation of exposure-response relationships, disease processes, and new drug therapies, with the aim of improving patient outcomes and treatment effectiveness.

In the UC San Francisco lab of Rada Savic, PhD, scientists apply engineering principles, sophisticated data analysis techniques, and high-end computational tools to drug development using pharmacometrics and quantitative systems pharmacology. Research is focused on methodological advancement and application of systems pharmacology models to drug development and therapy optimization problems in tuberculosis (TB), malaria, HIV, oncology, and diabetes.

The Savic Lab is part of the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences in the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

Why now

The progression of recognizing population diversity and its impact on individual patients has encouraged improved techniques for rational drug treatment. The quantitative fields of pharmacometrics and system pharmacology modeling are finally providing us with focused insight to cater for these diverse populations. These fields have facilitated critical thinking in drug development and translational research. With a focus on patient individuality, the discipline continues to grow and inspire regulatory changes and new tools for therapeutic monitoring and catering to patients’ unique needs, ultimately enabling us to advance health worldwide as part of our public mission.

Why here

UCSF has long been a leader in pharmacometrics. In the late 1970s, Stuart L. Beal and Lewis B. Sheiner developed the innovative population pharmacokinetics modeling software NONMEM at UCSF. NONMEM is now considered the gold standard for pharmacometric analysis. Today, Beal and Sheiner’s impact on the field is carried forward by enthusiastic, young UCSF scientists, intensely eager to build on this historic foundation.

The Savic Lab, situated at UCSF Mission Bay, also has easy access to leading academics and knowledge while being equally inspired by the fast-growing biotech industry of the San Francisco Bay Area. A culture of collaborations and innovation exists in the lab, the campus, and the surrounding industry, granting students a noteworthy education and an understanding of multidisciplinary approaches. Past lab members have gone on to create their own startups, furthering the richness of our growing biotech community.

Lab team

group of lab members.

Our team has a wide range of experiences and skills, including clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, genomics, scientific computing, software engineering, and advanced modeling and simulation tools. We regularly collaborate with national and international research teams in both academia and industry.

A Professor in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, Rada holds a PharmD from University of Belgrade, Serbia, and a PhD in pharmacometrics from Uppsala University in Sweden. She completed two comprehensive postdoctoral fellowships, one in biostatistics and pharmacometrics at Inserm (the French Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris) and the other in clinical pharmacology at Stanford University. More: Rada Savic, PhD.