Community Advisory Board

In San Francisco, the local Community Advisory Board (CAB) meets every three months for an educational seminar and luncheon. This also provides a forum for participants to give input about the study. Jenna Burton is the CAB liaison for the San Francisco WIHS. If you are interested in getting involved in the CAB or have questions, contact Jenna Burton at [email protected].

See the CAB Corner page to find out more.

As part of the NIAID Cooperative agreement, each WIHS site selects a representative to participate on the National Community Advisory Board (NCAB). The NCAB reps have quarterly phone calls and meet annually to discuss the ongoing research and give input into study methods. The mission of the NCAB is to:

  • Provide on-going community, scientific, psycho-social, and political input to the national WIHS agenda

  • Help design mechanisms to assure that WIHS participants are representative of the community at large

  • Help design mechanisms to inform, educate, and support these participants over time

  • Help design mechanisms to assure access of HIV infected/affected women to WIHS research sites and retention of these participants over time

  • Advocate for adequate research funding and to allow the full WIHS research agenda to be fulfilled

  • Provide support for local community advisory boards and encourage involvement at local levels

  • Facilitate translation of WIHS-related information to the community

  • Represent and be accessible to community members for WIHS-related concerns