CAB Corner

This page features Community Advisory Board (CAB) updates from recent meetings. To learn more about the purpose of the CAB, go here.

Spring 2015 Update

By Adrienne, NCAB Representative

I have been with our local CAB for years. For me, the most encouraging part about our group is the educational factor. I have learned so much about women's bodies. Most studies are about men. And we all know we differ in many ways. The CAB speakers have been amazing, and socializing with everyone is always a plus.

I'm also on the NCAB. Every two weeks, we have an Executive Committee conference call to discuss what's new and to make decisions about important health topics under study. The NCAB members from all the different sites also have conference calls to share information about the WIHS sites locally and nationally. The purpose of the NCAB is to inform, educate, and support one another. We also advocate for research funding. The NCAB reps also meet up once or twice a year at the EC meetings to make sure we have a voice to represent women’s needs in the study. Please consider joining your local CAB and join the WIHS community. Here's to good health!

Jenna Burton Photograph

Introducing Jenna Burton, Clinical Research Coordinator

Our newest Interviewer, Jenna Burton, joined WIHS in February 2015. In addition to doing interviews and core visits, Jenna is our new CAB Coordinator. We are planning to have our next CAB meeting in May. We hope you can attend, meet Jenna, and get involved with the CAB.

Jenna has a BA in Anthropology from Howard University. With an interest in community health, she started doing community-based work for organizations like Planned Parenthood, Golden Gate and Congregations Organizing for Renewal. After a few years of working at non-profit organizations, she began working in public health research. Jenna has worked on a number of studies with UC Davis Medical Center, Public Health Institute (PHI) and Kaiser Permanente.

In 2008, she founded a grassroots organization – Red, Bike and Green – in an effort to use bicycling as a way to promote healthy living within the African American community. She has organized tons of community bike rides, and in 2009 rode her bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a participant in the AIDS LifeCycle. Jenna is very excited to join the WIHS community and looks forward to getting to know everyone. Welcome Jenna!

If you are interested in the CAB or have questions, contact Jenna Burton at [email protected].