Collaborators - Working with the WIHS

The WIHS welcomes external investigators to leverage the existing infrastructure and study population for new (related) areas of research. The WIHS Core study is on a 6-month calendar (bi-annual interviews), with visits starting in April and October of each year. New initiatives and protocol changes are generally instituted at the start of a visit cycle and may or may not coincide with the Core visit schedule.

Getting Started

Investigators interested in initiating a new substudy or collaborative research within the WIHS begin by submitting a Concept Sheet submission form for approval by the Executive Committee (EC). Start with a search of existing concepts on the WIHS Administrative website to ensure there is no overlap with current studies. Please notify the site PI and PD well in advance (3-6 months) of an intended grant submission for assistance planning recruitment and methods, and preparing your proposed budget. Depending on the proposed project and available resources, investigators may either:

1) budget for existing WIHS staff to implement the study; or

2) hire their own staff and recruit members of the cohort by leaving flyers at the research sites.

To determine the best approach for your proposed project, and a copy of the Concept Sheet submission form, contact Jennifer Cohen.

Requesting Existing Data - Retrospective Analyses

Interested investigators may also submit a Concept Sheet to work with existing WIHS data and/or specimens. Contact Jennifer Cohen for a password to access the WIHS administrative website where researchers are encouraged to review the downloadable list of existing concepts prior to initiating new areas of investigation.

Investigators need to ensure that data requests remain within the scope of an approved concept sheet. If investigators want to explore additional aims or hypotheses, an amended concept sheet needs to be submitted for approval by the EC.

Study Information and Findings

  • The WIHS Dossier provides a summary of the WIHS cohort characteristics and is updated twice a year. 
  • The WIHS questionnaire has several Forms based on topic area. The forms are listed by visit and show changes over time.
  • The WIHS Publication Database may be searched by topic or author.
  • An abbreviated public data is available from the NTIS.

Data Analysis Resources for Registered Investigators   

Note, these links require that you have an account on the WIHS data website. Contact Jennifer Cohen for further information.

  • The Variable Index file lists each question on each form administered during the WIHS Core interview. It also indicates the visit number(s) during which each question was administered and the number of respondents. This file may be searched using key terms such as “ARV” or “contraception.” 
  • The Summary file is available at national data center website.
  • The Data Overview page provides definitions for the variables used to create summary files.
  • Once you have identified the variables of interest on the Forms page, refer to the Codebooks to develop your data request.