Faculty and Staff

Bradley Aouizerat Photograph
Bradley Aouizerat – Principal Investigator

Dr. Aouizerat is one of three Northern California WIHS PIs, along with Drs. Greenblatt and Tien. He is a molecular epidemiologist and molecular biologist, and has been a PI since 2007. His research focuses on understanding host genomic factors contributing to differences in treatment response to antiretroviral therapy and those contributing to risk for common symptoms (e.g., pain, fatigue) and comorbidity in HIV-infected persons. He led the recent WIHS genome-wide association study which now supports numerous investigators seeking to understand the contribution of host genomic factors to comorbidities commonly found in HIV-infected persons. He is an active mentor to many trainees and early career faculty working with WIHS to pursue research involving testing host and viral genomic hypotheses.

Likke Chandra Photograph
Likke Chandra – Data Manager

Likke has worked with the Northern California WIHS since 2001. She currently works as the Data Manager for the WIHS and associated substudies. Likke stays busy generating analytical data sets for investigators and develops databases for our local studies, in addition to working with the field staff to ensure data quality and completeness.

Jennifer Cohen Photograph
Jennifer Cohen – Project Director

Jennifer joined the WIHS in 2013. She is responsible for the overall operational, fiscal, and regulatory oversight of the Northern California WIHS. Starting in 1994, Jennifer has worked in community-based research focused on HIV at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Addiction Research and Treatment Services, the Denver Public Health Department, and most recently at the UCSF Positive Health Program. She received her MPA at the University of Colorado, Graduate School of Public Affairs.

Ruth Greenblatt Photograph
Ruth Greenblatt – Principal Investigator

Dr. Greenblatt is an Infectious Disease-trained Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Medicine and Epidemiology/Biostatistics. She is the founding Principal Investigator of the Northern California WIHS, and the Women's HIV Program at UCSF. Her expertise and leadership in the WIHS include antiretroviral drug pharmacology, drug exposure modeling, HIV progression and treatment response phenotypes, gonadal aging (menopause), and mucosal immunology. She is an active member of the WIHS Executive Committee and the Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Pharmacology, Gynecology and Genetics working groups.

Karen Kavanagh Photograph
Karen Kavanagh – Project Coordinator

Karen has worked with the WIHS since 2005. She is the Lead Interviewer at our East Bay office. Karen coordinates the daily activities of the WIHS Core and Neurocognitive protocols and data collection. She also assists with regulatory monitoring and supervises other Clinical Research Coordinators. Karen is bilingual in English and Spanish. She received her Bachelors of Science in Human Development with a Minor in Women’s Studies from UC Davis. Prior to WIHS, she worked at Planned Parenthood as the Prenatal Service Manager, and spent two years in the Peace Corps in Honduras. Outside of work, Karen enjoys baking, swimming, jogging, and photography.

Nancy Githere – Clinical Research Coordinator

Nancy joined the WIHS in May 2018. She has a BA in Health and Societies (Global Health Concentration), French, Pre-Med Studies, and also received her MPH from the University of Pennsylvania.

Stacy Polos
Stacy Polos – Clinical Research Coordinator

Stacy joined the WIHS in June 2015. She has a BS in Health Education from San Francisco State University and MPH from the University of San Francisco. Stacy is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is a certified HIV test counselor and has been doing HIV prevention work since 2010. Prior to WIHS, Stacy worked at a national health education non-profit doing program development and evaluation. Outside of work, Stacy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exploring the Bay Area, reading, and being a Giants baseball fan.

Julie-Beth Thomas Photograph
Julia-Beth Thomas – Nurse Practitioner

Julia has been with WIHS since 1997. She received her BS in Nursing from San Francisco State University in 1987 and her MS in Nursing with an emphasis on Women’s Health from the UCSF School of Nursing in 1991. Before coming to WIHS, Julia provided gynecological care at the Women’s Needs Center of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics. She has also worked as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner with the San Francisco Rape Treatment Center. Julia values the long term relationships she has developed with the participants, and appreciates their loyal participation in this important project. In her spare time Julia enjoys travel, dance and spending time with family and friends.

Carol Thuman Photograph
Carol Thuman – Nurse Practitioner

Carol has been with the WIHS since 2007. She received her MS from the UCSF School of Nursing in 1998, and is a Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Carol is fluent in French and Spanish. Prior to WIHS, she worked at the Women’s Urgent Care Center at Highland Hospital and as a clinician at Planned Parenthood and the Haight Asbury Free Clinics Women’s Needs Center. Carol works primarily at our San Francisco offices, performing the Core physical and gynecological exams and colposcopies on study participants.

Phyllis Tien Photograph
Phyllis Tien – Principal Investigator

Dr. Tien provides oversight of research activities, with an emphasis on substudies. Dr. Tien is an Infectious Disease-trained physician and epidemiologist, as well as Professor of Medicine at UCSF with expertise in the study of viral infections (i.e. HIV and HCV infections), adiposity and their metabolic and inflammatory consequences to the pathogenesis of long term comorbidities including liver, vascular and musculoskeletal injury. Dr. Tien is the chair of the WIHS Executive Committee and an active member of the Metabolic/Vascular and Hepatitis Working Groups.