Grant Summary: Improving precision medicine for breast cancer in Latinas: Enhancing Access to Genetic Testing

The objective of this award was to examine payer coverage and clinical decision-making/access to the use of cancer risk multigene tests (panels and sequencing tests) in the Latina population within the state of California. We examined, through a series of interviews with providers, testing practices at multiple sites in the state of California.

We found few financial barriers for HCP testing for the Latinx population due to laboratory patient assistance programs that cover testing at low or no cost to patients. However, we found potential challenges related to the sustainability of low-cost testing and out-of-pocket expenses for patients, access to cascade testing for family members, and pathogenic variants specific to Latinx.

This grant produced one paper:

  1. Douglas MP, Lin GA, Trosman JR, Phillips KA. Hereditary cancer panel testing challenges and solutions for the Latinx community: costs, access, and variants. J Community Genet. 2022 Feb;13(1):75-80. PMCID: PMC8799811.