Research Overview

The TRANSPERS Center uses an integrated, interdisciplinary, and innovative approach to gather evidence about how genomic information is being translated into clinical practice and health policy. Our goal is to identify ways to harness this knowledge to improve healthcare, while also reducing waste and inefficiency.

We explore critical questions about the application of personalized medicine in clinical care, including:

  • Who has access to the newest technologies?
  • Is access provided equally across social and economic groups?
  • How do patients and providers make decisions about the use of personalized tests and/or drugs?
  • What information do insurers need to make the most appropriate decisions about whether to cover personalized medicine technologies?
  • How can we better design policies to encourage the most effective use of these technologies?

We collaborate with world-leading experts and organizations in personalized medicine to develop projects and working groups that focus on:

  • Healthcare adoption and utilization
  • Preferences of patients and providers
  • Costs and cost-effectiveness
  • Evidence development and evaluation
  • Coverage and reimbursement
  • Decision-making (patient, provider, payer, government), and
  • Policy

More details: Areas of Focus

Funding organizations

TRANSPERS has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since its founding in 2008 (National Cancer Institutes and National Human Genome Research Institute). The Center has also received funding from other government organizations and foundations.

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