The Center for Translational and Policy Research on Precision Medicine (TRANSPERS) is the premier research organization for developing evidence-based information about the use of precision medicine.

A new era of healthcare — one that diagnoses and treats disease based on a patient’s own DNA — is now upon us, but we know almost nothing about its practical use. We are addressing key issues around the access, quality, and value of precision medicine that will help guide patients, healthcare providers, researchers, industry and policymakers on how it can be best applied to improve health.

Launched in 2008 and based at the University of California San Francisco, TRANSPERS brings together a broad spectrum of experts from across the world — from academia, government, and groups representing patients, providers, and payers — to examine critical issues that impact the translation of precision medicine into practice and policy. Using an evidence-based approach, we launch projects and establish working groups to explore key areas, including healthcare utilization, patient preferences, costs and cost-effectiveness, evidence development and evaluation, patient diversity, decision-making (patient, provider, payer, and government), and policy.

A major focus of our work is healthcare coverage, reimbursement, and policy decisions by payers. Since 2007, TRANSPERS has convened a Payer Advisory Board comprised of private payers and thought leaders. This unique advisory group includes senior executives from the eight largest commercial US health plans and leading regional plans as well as thought leaders from research, policy and government.

Another focus of our work is the costs and economic implications of the adoption of precision medicine, primarily genetic testing and sequencing technologies.

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