TRANSPERS Program on Coverage and Reimbursement: Understanding Payer Decision-Making

Insurance coverage is critical for sustained implementation of precision medicine into clinical practice. How payers decide on coverage influences research, evidence generation, and clinical adoption of new genomic technologies. This is especially relevant in a multi-payer health care system, such as in the U.S., where disparate decision-making among payers contributes to unequal insurance coverage and access.

It is imperative that we understand the factors that impact payers’ decision-making, what evidence is needed, and how these vary across payers and testing modalities. Historically, there has been a lack of forums to explore payer decision-making objectively. While companies engage payers in advisory boards, these tend to serve commercial interests, rather than independent research.

To address this, we assembled the UCSF TRANSPERS Payer Advisory Board in 2007. Board members represent key stakeholders, including:

  • Leading national and regional private insurer plans
  • Groups representing self-insured employers
  • Laboratory benefit management companies
  • Experts in public payer policies

Our research program is conducted using two methods:

  • Individual interview studies with board members on their perspectives relevant to coverage decision-making for emerging technologies and tests
  • Board roundtables featuring group discussions

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Payer Board Council Photo

Participating health plans have included Aetna, AIM Specialty Health, Anthem, Beacon Laboratory Benefit Management Solutions, Blue Cross of California, Business Group on Health, CMT Solutions, CIGNA, EviCore, Geisinger, Health Care Service Corporation, HealthNet, HealthPartners, Highmark, Humana, Intermountain Health, Oscar, Point32Health, Premera Blue Cross, UnitedHealth, and VCC Healthcare Solutions.


Since the founding of the board, our research has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications in major journals. Our work has been widely cited and used by researchers, payers, industry, organizations, and venture capital firms. Our publications have included studies on coverage for genetic testing in cancer, pediatrics, and genome sequencing. We are continuing to work on novel genomic technologies as they emerge. Our 2020 paper in Genetics in Medicine on perspectives of U.S. private payers on insurance coverage for pediatric and prenatal exome sequencing was among their top 15% of articles cited that year. Additional publications include:

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