Grant Summary: Personalized Medicine for Breast and Colorectal Cancer

The objective of this P01 was to use an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to obtain evidence about key aspects of the translation of genomic information for breast and colorectal cancer into clinical practice and health policy. The Specific Aims were:

AIM 1: Determine utilization of genomic risk stratification and targeted treatment by using the examples of GEP and HER2/neu testing for trastuzumab (Herceptin®) for breast cancer.

AIM 2: Develop an understanding of preferences for genomic testing and interventions using the example of Lynch-syndrome screening.

AIM 3: Develop a generalized, flexible model for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of personalized medicine and estimate the cost-effectiveness of GEP and HER2/neu testing for trastuzumab and Lynch-syndrome screening using unique data from the Program Projects.

AIM 4: Develop an evidence base for translating research findings into practice and policy by collecting and synthesizing data on the clinical applications and the regulatory, policy, and economic impacts of genetically based colorectal and breast cancer interventions.

AIM 5: Provide Projects with resources for conceptualizing, measuring, and investigating population differences; conducting qualitative and quantitative research; identifying and obtaining data sources; coordinating activities; and disseminating findings.

Key findings across studies are:

  1. There is a lack of evidence on how personalized medicine is implemented in actual practice and thus its value in “real world” settings.
  2. It is unclear whether personalized medicine will be cost-saving or more cost-effective than other alternatives.
  3. Analyses of targeted testing need to consider the method of targeting in order to appropriately assess the value of personalized medicine.
  4. Behavior of family members is a key factor in determining the value of personalized medicine for inherited mutations.
  5. Patient and provider preferences may affect the cost-effectiveness of personalized medicine.
  6. Payers struggle with how to assess the value of personalized medicine for making coverage and reimbursement decisions.
  7. Diffusion of personalized medicine appears to lag for certain subgroups, with implications for utilization and cost-effectiveness.

This program project grant produced 57 publications including key studies in JAMA, Nature Biotechnology, Cancer, and Genetics in Medicine.

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