Grant Summary: Risk-benefit trade-offs for whole genome sequencing

The major goals of this project were to evaluate the potential benefit-risk tradeoffs of whole genome sequencing (WGS) from the perspectives of patients, providers, the health care delivery system, and society by using systematic and quantitative approaches. Our specific aims were to examine patient preferences, coverage and reimbursement decisions, and economic value.

In total, we published 31 papers, including key articles in influential journals such as JAMA, Science, Health Affairs, Genetics in Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, and Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.


We completed a survey from a nationally representative sample of 410 respondents on willingness-to-pay and also included a discrete choice experiment to measure how patients make trade-offs. The results of this survey resulted in the publication of 2 articles, one on the analysis of willingness-to-pay, and a second using the discrete choice experiment data. We also published a paper with MedSeq collaborators to publish a paper on willingness-to-pay using data from MedSeq and a survey of college seniors.


We analyzed coverage policies and conducted interviews with clinical experts and payers, resulting in the completion of three papers for panels including BRCA, for inherited cancer risk panels, and for tumor sequencing. We also examined how to engage public payers and smaller regional payers in order to expand our work beyond the large private payers.

In the final year and NCE, we analyzed coverage policies and conducted interviews with clinical experts and payers, resulting in the completion of 8 papers and several presentations and posters on coverage policies (for panels including BRCA, inherited cancer risk panels, tumor sequencing, cell-free DNA prenatal screening, and whole exome sequencing).

We also evaluated historical insurer coverage frameworks for Next-Generation Sequencing as part of a Value in Health theme issued published in 2018.

Last, we had a series of publications in Science, JAMA, and Journal of Clinical Oncology Precision Oncology regarding the coverage of Next-Generation Tumor Sequencing by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) National Coverage Decision.


We published a paper on the budget impact and true costs of sequencing (Is the “$1000 Genome” Really $1000?). We published a paper on how to assess the true costs of sequencing and a second paper in Genetics in Medicine on what is known about the cost-effectiveness of clinically actionable incidental findings.

In the final year and NCE, we published 12 papers related to the Economics or Value of Sequencing and contributed to a book chapter on the evaluation and evidence of personalized medicine. These publications include a paper on budget impact and true costs of sequencing, several reviewing the economic evidence, methodological challenges and solutions for assessment of NGS tests, and 2 with MedSeq Collaborators on the short-term costs of WGS and lessons learned form cost analyses of WGS.

Additionally, we obtained a supplement (3R01HG007063-02S1) – “Who is Paying, Will be Paying, and Should be Paying for Genomic Sequencing?” This supplement addressed the overall objective of the parent R01 – to examine benefit-risk tradeoffs for sequencing. We focused on reimbursement issues by developing a comprehensive registry of public and private payer coverage policies for new and emerging sequencing tests, as well as illustrative examples of existing molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests for comparative analyses. The outcome of creating this registry and subsequent analyses resulted in 6 publications. The registry is currently being used for additional NIH-sponsored research.

Publications stemming from this grant include:

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