Grant Summary: Coverage, Price, and Reimbursement for Multigene Tests for Cancer and Related Conditions

This grant examined the role of price and reimbursement on decision-making for multigene testing for cancer risk screening and treatment. Using mixed methods, we examined (1) factors associated with coverage based on published coverage policies and interviews, and (2) influence of economic factors on testing decisions in clinics based on interviews and surveys with safety-net providers and genetic counselors. We also received a one-year supplement (from NCI but funded by NIA) to broaden our focus to examine the economic, financial/coverage, and policy implications of genetic testing for Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.

Three key takeaways:

  1. The application of genomic medicine for cancer risk screening and for targeting cancer therapies has evolved substantially, with greater payer coverage over time in many (but not all) clinical scenarios.
  2. The growth of genomic medicine is impacted by the evolving nature of the lab industry, with the emergence of hybrid labs that fall into a middle ground between direct-to-consumer labs and traditional labs and the growth of low cost or subsidized testing that has increased access but may not be sustainable.
  3. There remain gaps in the evidence base needed for implementation including limited data on test utilization and use of real-world data, insufficient studies on economic value and affordability, not enough attention paid to how testing is actually implemented into clinical care and the patient/provider relationship, and little emphasis yet on how emerging technologies such as cell-free DNA tests and polygenic risk scores will be applied in clinical settings.

This grant produced 29 papers, and 1 in-press, including papers in JAMA (N=2), Science, JNCCN, Health Affairs, Genetics in Medicine (N=5), and Value in Health (theme section of 6 papers).

Publications Pending

  1. Phillips KA. CMS Coverage with Evidence Development: Challenges & Opportunities for Improvement. JAMA Health Forum. Accepted, pending publication.


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