TRANSPERS to publish policy primer on genomic sequencing

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to have two papers coming out soon, including a “policy primer” on genomic sequencing in Health Affairs. We are also pleased to report on our successful meetings that addressed the challenges in using genomics to improve clinical care for cancer and our citation in the Wall Street Journal. And last but not least, we are pleased to report the honor bestowed on a TRANSPERS collaborator, Laura van ’t Veer, who was awarded the European Union Prize for Women Innovators.

As always, we welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas for collaboration.


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Kathryn Phillips, PhD

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TRANSPERS to publish policy primer on genomic sequencing in Health Affairs

TRANSPERS collaborators received acceptance of a manuscript titled “Genomic Sequencing: Assessing the Health Care System, Policy, and Big Data Implications” to be published in an upcoming “Big Data” theme issue of Health Affairs. This article provides a “policy primer” on sequencing for decisionmakers and illustrates how sequencing may impact health care system and policy issues. We developed an easily applied classification of sequencing and then used it to examine the implications of sequencing for making care more patient-centered, developing coverage and reimbursement policies, and assessing economic value. Look for the publication in the July issue of Health Affairs!

TRANSPERS transdisciplinary translational team meets with key oncology leaders to develop roadmaps for guiding adoption of clinical genomics into cancer care

Basic, clinical, and social science leaders put their heads together in two meetings hosted by TRANSPERS to develop roadmaps for guiding adoption of clinical genomics into cancer care. The team addressed how to implement new models of genomic medicine, forge new approaches to care delivery, and develop pragmatic approaches to defining value and creating appropriate coverage/reimbursement policies. Stay tuned for next steps!

TRANSPERS collaborator Laura van ’t Veer wins European Prize for Women Innovators

Laura van ’t Veer, a TRANSPERS collaborator, was honored with the European Union Prize for Women Innovators, which recognizes women who have combined their scientific excellence with a head for business to set up innovative enterprises. Details: Molecular Biologist Wins European Prize for Women Innovators.

TRANSPERS Center Director/Founder interviewed by Wall Street Journal

Kathryn Phillips was interviewed by Shirley Wang from the Wall Street Journal for a recent article titled “Searching Genes to Avoid Medical Side Effects: Can patients’ DNA warn doctors against prescribing antidepressants, other drugs?” Kathryn noted that there are many opportunities to use genetic information to better target medications to patients.

TRANSPERS addresses another key aspect of personalized care - the use of price information by consumers - in upcoming publication

Personalization of care is more than just using genomics! TRANSPERS collaborators studied the burgeoning efforts to provide consumers price and quality information so that they can choose high value care. The article will be published by the Journal of Managed Care Medicine this fall.

Phillips appointed visiting professor at London School of Economics

Bangers and mash! Kathryn Phillips has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and will be spending a month there this summer studying European efforts on personalized medicine and the application of behavioral economics to health policies.

Staff changes

TRANSPERS would like to thank our intern Allison Kennedy as she heads off to medical school, and welcome our new intern Elizabeth Clain, a medical student from Albert Einstein School of Medicine. We also thank our ongoing PhD and PharmD students (Anna Oh and Alycia Hatashima) for their contributions.