News and Events

March 8, 2023 The Kidney Project is featured in a Nature article
June 22, 2022 KGO TV Interview - The Kidney Project Update
May 18, 2022 Dr. Shuvo Roy speaks at Ansys Simulation World 2022
November 5-7, 2021 The Kidney Project speaks at ASN's Kidney Week 2021.
September 30, 2021 ABC7 News: Bay Area research team wins prize for working prototype of artificial kidney
September 24-25, 2021 Dr. Shuvo Roy is selected as a speaker at AAKP's 46th Annual National Patient Meeting.
September 9, 2021 The Implantable Bioartificial Kidney (iBAK) was selected as a winner of the KidneyX Artificial Kidney Phase 1 Prize Competition.
August 6, 2021 The Kidney Project introduces the Patient Advisory Council.
June 22-24, 2021 The Kidney Project attends ASAIO's 66th Annual Conference to present our findings on low blood flow silicon nanopore membrane hemodialysis to treat acute kidney injuries.
June 17, 2021 Dr. Shuvo Roy speaks at AAKP's 4th Annual Public Policy Summit: Patient Voice & Patient Choice
May 13-14, 2021 Dr. Shuvo Roy speaks at AAKP's 3rd Annual Global Summit
April 9, 2021 The implantable bioartificial kidney wins the Nephmadness 2021 Competition
December 2, 2020 The Kidney Project is featured on an episode of the Should This Exist podcast.
November 25, 2020 Dr. Shuvo Roy joins fellow experts as a panelists for the "Global Innovation for Kidney Disease" webinar hosted by University of North Carolina, Modern India Studies.
November 13, 2020 The Kidney Project is featured on an episode of Dadvice TV. Interview featuring Dr. Shuvo Roy.
October 30, 2020 The Kidney Project is featured on an episode of the Finding Genius Podcast. Interview featuring UC San Francisco's Dr. Lynda Frassetto.
October 19, 2020 Tissue Engineering: Inhibition of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Stimulate In Vitro Transport in Primary Renal Tubule Cells
October 15th, 2020 Dr. Ben Chui outlines improvements to the nanotechnology used in the development of the implantable bioartificial kidney in his recently published paper.
October 5, 2020 Bioartificial kidney aims to mimic natural kidney function with $1 million grant from the John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
September 25, 2020 The Kidney Project attends the American Association of Kidney Patients 45th National Patient meeting. Dr. Shuvo Roy and Dr. William Fissell are speakers for the panel on "Artificial Implantable Organs – Meeting the Global Demand for Dialysis Alternatives."
August 14, 2020 Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems: A Scalable, Hierarchical Rib Design for Larger-Area, Higher-Porosity Nanoporous Membranes for the Implantable Bio-Artificial Kidney
August 1, 2020 ABC7 News: UCSF's artificial kidney project wins major award, now one step closer to potentially changing lives
July 22, 2020 The Kidney Project wins KidneyX Award to enable simpler, safer at-home dialysis
July 17, 2020 The Kidney Project attends the American Association of Kidney Patients 2nd Annual Global Summit: Global Kidney Innovations-Expanding Patient Choices and Outcomes. Dr. William Fissell presents on "Emerging Innovation in Kidney Disease with Global Implications: Bioartificial Kidney."
July 15, 2020 The Kidney Project is invited to speak at a virtual Congressional Briefing as a KidneyX Redesign Dialysis Phase 2 winner.
June 19, 2020 The Kidney Project attends the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) "KIDNEW" virtual session.
March 11, 2020 Nature: How artificial kidneys and miniaturized dialysis could save millions of lives
March 11, 2020 UCSF: Experts Shine Light in Kidney Disease, Share Hopes for the Future
February 26, 2020 The Kidney Project takes on a new social platform. Follow @artificialkidney on Instagram for news, updates, and more.
February 2020

The Kidney Project meets with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C.

January 13, 2020 The Kidney Project features the treasurer of Home Dialyzor's United and AAKP Ambassador Nieltje Gedney.
January 2020

Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Eric Hargan, and his staff visit The Kidney Project at UC San Francisco.

November 5 - 10, 2019 The Kidney Project attends American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week in Washington D.C. and presents conference abstracts
November 2019

The Kidney Project releases its 2018 Annual Report. Learn more about the project, timeline, more

September 25, 2019 Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering: Genome Engineering Renal Epithelial Cells for Enhanced Volume Transport Function
September 20, 2019 Nature: Treating the kidneys-a new era in the United States (and beyond)
September 2019 The Kidney Project and our patient advocacy partner, Home Dialyzors United (HDU), went to Washington, DC to meet with officials from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the House of Representatives, and the White House.
July 2019 Tissue Engineering Part A: Substrate Elasticity Governs Differentiation of Renal Tubule Cells in Prolonged Culture
June 26-29, 2019 The Kidney Project attends the 65th Annual Conference for the American Society for Artificial Organs (ASAIO) in San Francisco and presents posters, abstracts, and presentations.
May 21 - 23, 2019 American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) and George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences hosted a Global Summit to feature innovations in patient-centered kidney care. Technical director Dr. Shuvo Roy provided an overview of the implantable artificial kidney.
May 2, 2019 The Kidney Project Update: featured on KidneyTalk by Lori Hartwell
April 29, 2019 The Kidney Project earns KidneyX award to make home dialysis better for patients
March 12, 2019 Journal of Biomaterials Applications: In vitro and in vivo hemocompatibility assessment of ultrathin sulfobetaine polymer coatings for silicon-based implants
October 23 - 28, 2018 The Kidney Project attends American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week in San Diego and presents conference abstracts
October 11, 2018 UCSF: The Kidney Project and the bioartificial pancreas: When inspiration strikes twice
September 13, 2018 Home Dialysis Central: Kidney IDEAS: The Future of Renal Replacement Therapy-Part 2
September 6, 2018 Home Dialysis Central: Kidney IDEAS: The Future of Renal Replacement Therapy-Part 1
August 23, 2018 American Journal of Kidney Diseases: Innovations in Wearable and Implantable Artificial Kidneys
August 17, 2018 Largest Kidney Patient Group Backs Artificial Kidney Development
June 13 - 16, 2018 The Kidney Project attends American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) in Washington DC and presents conference abstracts
June 7, 2018 The Kidney Project presents conference abstract for the Hilton Head 2018: A Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop
March 14, 2018 The Forever is Tomorrow Foundation: The Kidney Project - UCSF's artificial kidney
February 8, 2018 Newswise: Artificial Kidney Development Advances, Thanks to Collaboration by NBIB Quantum Grantees

November 9, 2017

Heathline: Implantable Artificial Kidney Moves Closer to Reality
November 6, 2017 Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Sterilization effects on ultrathin film polymer coatings for silicon‐based implantable medical devices
October 6, 2017 Wired: Silicon Isn't Just for Computers. It Can Make a Pretty Good Kidney, too
September 13, 2017 Helio: Implantable artificial kidney developers working with patients on device development
May 23, 2017 PDF iconKidney Project Partners with patient group Home Dialyzors United.pdf
May 16, 2017 FastCompany: Hey John Oliver: This bionic kidney could do away with dialysis entirely
April 14, 2017 Engineering: How to Engineer a Kidney
January 25, 2017 Dr. Shuvo Roy recently attends the 24th Annual Charity and Awards Night for the Tanker Foundation and Tamilnad Kidney Research Foundation in Chennai, India and is presented with The La Renon Tanker Foundation for the Sake of Honour Award.
October 8, 2016 Dr. Shuvo Roy Receives the Annual Home Dialyzors United (HDU) Chriss Blagg Award for his work on developing the implantable bioartificial kidney.
June 24, 2016 Dr. Shuvo Roy to be keynote speaker at the 2016 PKD National Convention
June 2016 Dr. Shuvo Roy was invited to participate in a select panel as part of the first White House Organ Summit.
June 2016 The Kidney Project Team attends the annual American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) Conference to present our progress on the bioartificial kidney.
March 8, 2016 The Renal Support Network and Lori Hartwell hosts Dr. Shuvo Roy on the KidneyTalk Podcast.
March 5, 2016 ABC7: Artificial Kidney Could Free Thousands From Dialysis
March 1, 2016 PDF icon2014 Annual Report is Released
February 18, 2016 Dr. William H. Fissell is featured on the Vanderbilt University News regarding his efforts on The Kidney Project.
February 2, 2016 PDF iconThe Kidney Project - FAQ 3 0.pdf
November 24, 2015 WUSA9 News: Juliana Casey: Kidney patient hopes for artificial organ
November 11, 2015 International Business Times: Scientists develop new ‘surgically implantable, artificial kidney’ to end organ scarcity
November 10, 2015 Science Daily: Nanotechnology advances could pave way for implantable artificial kidney
November 3, 2015 Team presented at the 2015 annual American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week Conference in San Diego, CA
November 3, 2015 The Kidney Project receives $6 million grant from National Institutes of Health (NIH)
October 27, 2015
The Shift: Artificial Kidney Poised to Save Thousands of Lives Entering Second Phase of Development
October 16, 2015 The Press Enterprise: TEMECULA: Residents fight kidney disease with the help of Indiegogo
October 14th, 2015 Dr. William H. Fissell, the Medical Director of The Kidney Project, was recently interviewed on the radio - Mix 92.9 in Nashville, Tennessee.
September 19, 2015 My Statesman: Kidney recipient hopes for artificial organ
September 13, 2015 The Tennessean - Op-Ed: Time to invest in kidney disease research is now
September 2, 2015 Yahoo! Finance: Bio-Artificial Kidney Project Hoping to Raise Funds Through Social Media Crowdfunding Effort
September 2, 2015 [The Business Journals: Bio-Artificial Kidney Project Hoping to Raise Funds Through Social Media Crowdfunding Effort][link defunct]
September 1, 2015 Launch of the “Juliana’s Hope: The Kidney Project” Fundraising Campaign (video, 5 minutes)
August 24, 2015 KSL - Utah News: Artificial Kidney will save millions of lives, scientists say
July 15, 2015 ABC Channel WXYZ Detroit: Brighton teen trying to raise money to get her father a 'bionic' kidney
June 24, 2015 Team Presented at the annual American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) Conference 2015
April 27, 2015 Kidney Buzz: Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials May Be Available Sooner With CKD Patient Support
March 11, 2015 Live Q&A with The Kidney Project Community
March 2, 2015 University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada: Future Day
February 7, 2015 Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEOT) 2015: Immunity and Inflammation - Engineering Cell, Gene, and Drug Therapies
January 13, 2015 Omics International: Bio-implantable Artificial Kidney Device Breakthrough by Indian Researcher
December 4, 2014 Kidney Buzz: BRAND NEW UPDATE: Artificial Kidney Holds Promise for those Afflicted with ESRD
November 12, 2014 Dr. Shuvo Roy and Dr. William Fissell were featured in New York Times' Inside the World of Kidney Trafficking segment
November 11, 2014

Team Presented at the annual American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Conference (PDF)

October 25, 2014 The Charities Angels host a fundraiser in honor of The Kidney Project
July 19, 2014 Irene Tansley participates in the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in Ontario, Canada to help raise funds for The Kidney Project
July 3, 2014 PDF iconPatient FAQ - July 3, 2014.pdf
June 18, 2014 Team Presented at the annual American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) Conference [link defunct]
May 1, 2014 Capitol Congressional Briefing: The Kidney Caucus
September 2013 The Kidney Project is invited to the National Kidney Foundation's Annual meeting
August 29, 2013 PDF iconPatient FAQ - April 29, 2013.pdf
June 1, 2013 The Economist: A Better Waterworks
May 30, 2013 The Golf Tournament at the Lindsay Golf & Country Club raises money for The Kidney Project
April 25, 2013 San Jose Mercury News: Artificial kidney offers hope to patients tethered to a dialysis machine
April 24, 2013 SF Gate: Artificial Kidney (Photo gallery)
April 24, 2013 San Francisco Chronicle: Kidney designers take cues from nature
April 11, 2013 Dr. Shuvo Roy speaks at the University Club in downtown San Francisco about the bioartificial kidney
April 2, 2013 KidneyBuzz: Artificial Kidney Holds Promise for those Afflicted with ESRD
March 8, 2013 UCOP YouTube Channel: An Implantable, Artificial Kidney
February 1, 2013 Fast Company: How to Build a Real $1 Million Bionic Man
January 11, 2013 UCSF: A look back on 2012 milestones
December 13, 2012 Renal and Urology News: Implantable Artificial Kidney Could Help Tens of Thousands: An Interview with Shuvo Roy, PhD
November 27, 2012 Medgadget: An Implantable Artificial Kidney: Interview with UCSF's Dr. Shuvo Roy
November 26, 2012 UCSF: Improving Health By Our Own Devices
October 17, 2012 UCSF: Shuvo Roy to Receive BayBio Pantheon Award For Artificial Kidney Project
October 5, 2012 Medgadget: Artificial Organ Waiting List… Coming Soon to a Hospital Near You
October 3, 2012

UCSF School of Pharmacy: Artificial kidney project receives $3 million from Goldman Foundation, NIH

October 2, 2012 Renal Business: UCSF Artificial Kidney Project Receives $3 Million in New Funding
October 2, 2012 California Healthline: UCSF-Led Project on Artificial Kidney Wins $3M in Funding
October 1, 2012 San Francisco Business Times: UCSF nabs $3 million to lead artificial kidney effort
October 1, 2012 Science Business: Artificial Kidney Project at UCSF Receives $3 Million in New Funding
October 1, 2012 UCSF: Artificial Kidney Project Lands New $750,000 Funding
September 5, 2012 Health Care Game Changers to Address Dreamforce Conference
July 3, 2012 ABC 7 News: FDA may soon approve UCSF kidney device
May 1, 2012 SOP news: Artificial Kidney project led by Shuvo Roy cited at White House panel
April 9, 2012 SOP news: Artificial Kidney project led by Shuvo Roy chosen for accelerated FDA program
April 9, 2012 FDA: FDA announces plans to pilot end-stage kidney disease technology in new program
April 9, 2012 UCSF: UCSF Artificial Kidney Project tapped for accelerated FDA program
April 1, 2012 Co.Exist: An Artificial Kidney to take patients off the transplant waiting list
October 11, 2011 SOP news: In-flight programming features bioartificial kidney
June 23, 2011 SOP news: Shuvo Roy presents new research on artitificial kidney membranes
June 16, 2011 UCSF: New Kidney Filtration System Could Simplify Dialysis
April 28, 2011 SOP news: Bioartificial Kidney addition wins LEGO robot design awards
February 1, 2011 Ivanhoe: "Artificial Kidney: Medicine's Next Big Thing?"
December 10, 2010 SOP news: SmartPlanet video features The Kidney Project
December 6, 2010 SmartPlanet: Implantable artificial kidney may cure chronic kidney disease
November 18, 2010 SOP news: Shuvo Roy shares promise of bioartificial kidney
November 17, 2010 KQED Forum: Building Artificial Kidneys
November 16, 2010 SF Chronicle: UCSF team working on artificial kidney
October 12, 2010 SOP news: Animation shows bioartificial kidney in action
September 23, 2010 PBS Newshour: For Scientists, Collaborative Efforts Could Speed Medical Advances
September 21, 2010 KQED Quest: Scientists Work on New Artificial Kidney
September 9, 2010 Discover Magazine: Researchers Plan to Build the World’s First Implantable, Mechanical Kidney
September 3, 2010 SOP news: Roy unveils model of bioartificial kidney
September 3, 2010 Cnet: Are the days of kidney dialysis numbered
September 3, 2010 Popular Science: Researchers Announce First Implantable Artificial Kidney Prototype
September 2, 2010 UCSF: UCSF Unveils Model for Implantable Artificial Kidney to Replace Dialysis
September 2, 2010 ABC 7 News: Artificial kidneys may replace dialysis treatments
September 2, 2010 KTVU: Scientists Unveil Revolutionary Artificial Kidney
November 12, 2007 LA Times: Kidney dialysis on the go
September 13, 2006 [Technology Review (MIT): Dialysis Unplugged][link defunct]