Jenn Trunk

Jenn is a 45-year-old patient who was diagnosed with FSGS in 2005. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, daughter, dogs (Rosie and Tucker) and cat (Lemmy). She went to Purdue University to study Engineering and has spent most of her career as an Automation Engineer working in the food and pharma industry. For nearly 10 years after her diagnosis she lived a fairly normal life, but her kidneys failed in November of 2014 and she started dialysis. For the next year Jenn did peritoneal dialysis at home, and was able to work full time, travel and be as physically active as she was prior to starting dialysis. In November of 2015, Jenn received a living donor transplant from a friend. The FSGS returned soon after transplant and she started dialysis again in January of 2017. This time around Jenn chose hemodialysis. She started in-center, and then moved to home hemodialysis, finally landing on home nocturnal hemodialysis. Jenn enjoys photography, cooking and volunteering with a local animal rescue. She also has finally been able to be healthy enough to return to hot yoga (which she loves :) and other various forms of exercise. Jenn has also volunteered for Nephcure and the National Kidney Foundation, spending time as a speaker to various groups. She has also participated in several clinical trials prior to transplant. She is currently listed again for another transplant at the University of Minnesota.

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