Juan Montelongo

Juan has been with kidney failure for 19 years due to Polycystic Renal Disease. He had his first transplant in 2004 after almost 2 years on hemodialysis. It was a live donor and lasted 12 years. He has been back on hemodialysis for 5 years now and is waiting on another transplant. He is one of 5 children and they have all been diagnosed with PKD and we they all have at least one transplant. PKD is a hereditary disease that they received from their father. He passed away over 31 years ago and his oldest sister passed 9 years ago due to complications from kidney disease. He is currently on disability but was working full time until 2 years ago. He spent his career running customer service divisions for Sun Microsystems, Apple, Sears and others. When he wasn't working, he spent my time on many fields coaching one of my children’s softball, soccer or football teams depending on the season.

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