Merribeth Pentasuglia

Merribeth Pentasuglia has lived with kidney disease since the age of 11. Since entering end state renal failure in her late teens, she experienced two cadaveric kidney transplants and underwent approximately 20 years of hemodialysis, with the most recent 15 years of dialysis on extended time nocturnal home hemodialysis treatments. She has a BS in Public Relations and Journalism from Utica College (Syracuse University), and a MS in Forensic and Fraud Examination from West Virginia University. She has 20 years of service to the United States Government as a civil employee. Currently she works in the Investigative Analysis Branch of the Office of Retailer Operations & Compliance at the USDA Food and Nutrition Services agency. She feels that while living with chronic kidney disease since childhood was difficult, living in a time period with innovative medical technology allows her to experience life to the fullest. Merribeth is hopeful for future medical technology innovation, such as the developments in process by The Kidney Project, that will allow more individuals with chronic kidney disease to realize all their life goals.

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