2020-2021 Academic Calendar P2s

This calendar applies to 2nd-year PharmD students. When a discrepancy exists with the Registrar’s calendar, this academic calendar takes precedence.

Summer 2020

Break/Two-Week Health Systems IPPE
(based on student schedule)

Jun 15–Jul 24, Mon–Fri

Independence Day

Jul 3, Fri

Foundations II

Jul 27–Aug 7, Mon–Fri

Endocrinology Theme/APCS/IPPE Aug 10–Sep 18, Mon–Fri

Labor Day holiday

Sep 7, Mon

Endocrinology Synthesis Week

Sep 21–Sep 25, Mon–Fri

Fall 2020


Sep 26–Oct 4, Sat–Sun

Neurology Theme/APCS/IPPE

Oct 5–Dec 11, Mon–Fri

Veterans Day holiday

Nov 11, Weds

Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 26 & Nov 27, Thurs & Fri

Neurology Theme Synthesis Week

Dec 14–18, Mon–Fri

Winter break

Dec 19–Jan 10, Sat–Sun

Winter holiday

Dec 24 & 25, Thurs & Fri

New Year’s Day holiday

Dec 31 & Jan 1, Thurs & Fri

Winter 2021

Oncology Theme/APCS/IPPE

Jan 11–Feb 5, Mon–Fri

MLK Jr. Day holiday

Jan 18, Mon

Infectious Disease Theme/APCS/IPPE

Feb 8–Mar 19, Mon–Fri

Presidents Day holiday Feb 15, Mon
Year 2 Professional Readiness Week Mar 22–Mar 25, Mon–Thurs
Cesar Chavez Day holiday Mar 26, Fri


Mar 27–Apr 4, Sat–Sun

Spring 2021

Discovery Research Project/IPPE

Apr 5–May 7, Mon–Fri


May 8–16, Sat–Sun

APPE Block (APPE 1)

May 17–Jun 25, Mon–Fri


  • APCS = Applied Patient Care Skills
  • IPPE = Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
  • Holiday = Classes are not in session, administrative offices are closed.
  • Break = Classes are not in session, administrative offices are open.
  • APPE = Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

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