Let’s Talk Program

Lets Talk

The School of Pharmacy and Student Health and Counseling Services are excited to offer UCSF PharmD students drop-in consulting with a member of the counseling staff through Let’s Talk. Developed in consultation with students, the Let’s Talk program provides informal and confidential consultations twice a week. These times are held exclusively for PharmD students. You can set up a Let’s Talk appointment for a variety of reasons: whether you need a new perspective on a problem, want to learn to better manage stress, are concerned about a peer, or just need to confidentially talk through an issue you might have, whether it is academic or non-academic. To sign up, email SHCS staff member, Dr. Justin Gibson, at [email protected] with the subject line “SECURE.”

Let's Talk Flyer


Initiated in fall 2016, Let’s Talk has been a valuable resource for UCSF PharmD students.