E-mail and Other Accounts After Graduation

If you are graduating or have recently graduated, then your @ucsf.edu email account and other UCSF accounts will be closed six months following your official graduation date.  Account termination will occur without prior notice or warning, so it’s important to complete the steps below as soon as possible upon graduation. More: Access to Electronic Systems When Not Registered.

Spring grads

Spring 2023 grads can expect to no longer have access to @ucsf.edu email on and after November 19, 2023.

Summer or fall grads

If you graduate in a quarter other than Spring, see column two of graduation verification letters to determine your official graduation date.

The closure date passed, but my account still works. Why?

Your account might still work for a few days on or after the official closure date because there is some variability in the administrative process of closing many accounts at the same time. So yes, your account might still work on or after this date, but this is not guaranteed, and your access could be removed at any time on or after the closure date.

Continuing at UCSF

Are you continuing at UCSF?

Next steps

Save data you want to keep from Box

  1. If you installed Box Drive, uninstall it from all your devices.

  2. Confirm that the data you want to keep remains on all the devices you want it to remain.

  3. To provide access to someone else who is continuing at UCSF, transfer ownership (see Add, Edit, or Remove a Collaborator), then confirm that they have access.

Take care of email before it closes

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, technology constraints, and other factors, we are unable to forward your @ucsf.edu email messages to another email account—even your alumni email account.

After your @ucsf.edu email account closes, messages sent to it will be processed as though your email account does not exist. The message is returned to the sender with an error message stating that the message was undeliverable.

To prepare for your @ucsf.edu email account closure, take the following steps soon after your date of graduation:

  1. To save (archive) email messages from your @ucsf.edu email account:

    1. If you haven't already, set up Microsoft Outlook.
    2. Archive messages using Outlook.

    You can also use other email applications such as Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird to archive email. After connecting, confirm that your messages are copied to your computer.

  2. Set up another email account if you don't already have a non-UCSF email account for personal use.
  3. Update accounts on websites that use your email address as your login. For example, if you created an account with a website using your UCSF email address, neglect to update your account with your non-UCSF email address, and then later forget your password, they will probably attempt to send you a password reset link to your @ucsf.edu email address, to which you will no longer have access. Your access to your @ucsf.edu email account cannot be restored, even for situations like these.

  4. Request a UCSF alumni email forwarding address or account.
  5. Notify appropriate parties that your @ucsf.edu email address will no longer be available and give them the email address to use instead. For example:

    1. Send a mass mailing to everyone in your address book.
    2. Create an email signature.
  6. Set a vacation notice (optional): When ready to stop using your @ucsf.edu email account, set a vacation notice that notifies others of your new email address.

Stay in touch

Update your information with UCSF Alumni at any point in the future.

Important dates

July 2023

Sat 1

The post-graduation mailing list is available.

November 2023

Sun 19

Accounts close for Spring graduates.

The post-graduation mailing list closes.

Communicating with your class

Through November 19

From July 1 through November 19, you will be able to communicate with your newly graduated class using a mailing list. Information about the mailing list is distributed to you by e-mail in spring/summer.

After November 19

If you want to continue something similar for your class beyond November 19, consider forming a consensus with your classmates about which service to use.

You can also join us at:

  1. Pharmacy Alumni Association
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube


Contact the OSACA.

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