Technology Security

This section helps student pharmacists understand many of the topics of technology security at UCSF. We protect data in a variety of ways.


As needed

Set it and forget it

  • Anti-virus - get UCSF-licensed software to protect all your Mac and Windows computers from viruses - see Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP).
  • Encryption - encrypt computer hard drives - see How to Encrypt Your Computer. (Faculty and staff members: contact your computer support coordinator for help with encryption.)
  • Online backup - get a UCSF discount to back up data with the online service called CrashPlan.

Set it and check regularly

  • Software updates - whenever possible, configure software to update automatically then check it regularly—some updates require manual action.

Be aware of

  • Social engineering - the manipulation of people to perform certain actions or divulge confidential information.