Submit Your Official Transcripts and AP scores


PharmCAS does not forward transcripts to our office. Entering students must have official transcripts (from all colleges attended) sent to our office:

Note: Electronic transcripts are preferred as our admissions staff is occasionally working remotely.

Electronic [email protected]

UCSF School of Pharmacy
Box 0150
513 Parnassus Ave Rm S960
San Francisco CA 94143

If sending by FedEx: use zip 94131

Failure to submit your transcripts could affect your admission status, including withdrawal of our offer of admission.


Transcripts required

May 1, 2024

If you have accepted an offer of provisional admission
If you are an alternate on the waiting list:

  1. Send official copies of all college transcripts for course work completed through winter from schools you no longer attend.
  2. Send official copies of all college transcripts for course work completed through winter at current college.

If you've earned a degree prior to spring, your degree must be posted on your transcript (see "degree conferral transcript" below.)

July 1, 2024

Transcripts with spring grades

July 20, 2024

Spring graduates only: Degree conferral transcript

AP scores

If you are using AP credits towards fulfilling any prerequisite requirement, you must have your official test score reports sent from ETS postmarked on or before May 1, even if the AP credit is posted on your transcript. To order, call 888-225-5427 or see AP Score Reporting Services.

Use school code 4794 to ensure that the score report is delivered directly to the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

Frequently asked questions about transcripts

  1. I submitted transcripts to PharmCAS. Do I have to submit them to UCSF?
    PharmCAS does not forward your transcripts. UCSF requires official transcripts be submitted to our office.

  2. What is a degree conferral transcript?
    A degree conferral transcript is a copy of your transcript that includes the following:

    • the degree you earned (BS, MS, etc.)
    • the major in which your degree was earned (e.g., Biological Sciences, Art History), and
    • the date the degree was awarded.

    A transcript that does not satisfy all of these is not a degree conferral transcript.

  3. Why can I not wait until my degree is posted before sending you the final copy of my transcript?
    Grades are normally posted to transcripts within three weeks after the end of an academic term. However, it takes much longer for the degree you earned to be posted on your transcript—at some schools this delay can be as long as three months. Since these grades are used as part of our evaluation of your application, it is important that you submit copies of your transcripts as soon as grades are posted.
  4. I already sent you a transcript with grades from my last term. Why do you need another copy with my degree posted if a degree is not required to apply?
    A degree conferral transcript is the only document the University will accept as verification that a degree was earned, and the fact that you earned a degree was something we considered during our evaluation process.
  5. The registrar from my school gave me a statement that verifies I have completed all the requirements for my degree. Can I submit this statement instead of waiting for the degree conferral transcript to become available?
    No, completing the requirements for a degree and being awarded a degree are not the same thing. The only document we can accept is a degree conferral transcript.
  6. I graduated this winter but my transcript will not be ready this May like you request. What do I do?
    Your degree may not be posted, but your grades for a winter term should be posted by this time. If you submit a copy of your transcript with grades you will meet the deadline. The deadline for a degree conferral transcript is later. If your school tells you that the transcript will not be ready by our deadline, ask your school to send us a letter verifying the date that degrees for that term will be posted to transcripts. This is the only way to extend the deadline.
  7. When I was first applying I thought I would be earning a degree. My situation has changed and I will not be able to finish my degree when I said I would. This means I do not have a degree conferral transcript to give you. Will you withdraw the offer of admission I received?
    Not necessarily, but you are required to notify us whenever there is change in your reported degree status. If this happens, you must provide an explanation of why you will no longer be earning the degree. Your file will be reviewed again with this information taken into consideration. However, failure to report a change in your degree status, whatever the reason for the change, is misrepresentation and could affect your admission status. Do not delay reporting this change—tell us about it immediately.
  8. I found a grading error on my copy of my transcript and am trying to get it corrected. Can I wait until the correction is made before I submit my transcript?
    No. All transcripts must be submitted by the posted deadlines. You may notify us by e-mail about the error and your attempts to correct it, but you must still meet the deadline or you will jeopardize the status of your application. After the correction has been made, request that a new copy of the transcript be sent.
  9. Do I have to submit transcripts for college courses I took while I was in high school?
    Yes. You must submit official copies of transcripts for all college level course work.

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