Services and Programs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) offers programs to support your success and development as a UCSF PharmD student. We’re also your central resource when it comes to administrative services. Need something not shown here? Contact us.



Career services

We provide a variety of Career Services and Career Links to Other Web Sites to connect you with employers and career opportunities.

Change of address or telephone

If you are a current student, you can notify us of a change in mailing address, telephone number, or e-mail address by logging in to the Student Portal and updating your contact information.

Emergency loans

Funds are available to provide short term, emergency loans to students in the School of Pharmacy. These funds are used to meet immediate, unexpected needs. Details: contact us at 415-476-2733.

Enrollment verification

If you need verification of your enrollment as a student for insurance or other purposes, to request a deferral of jury service or, if you live in the neighborhood, for a parking permit, we will prepare these letters for you.

Jury duty

If you receive a jury summons to report for jury duty during the quarter, bring a copy of your jury summons if you would like a letter to support your request for a deferment of your jury service.

Lost and found

If you’ve lost an item on campus, or if you’ve found something and can’t easily identify or contact the owner, contact the Lost and Found Unit of the UCSF Police Department.

Notify us of religious observances

If you need religious accommodations, see Notification of Religious Observances Policy.

Request to exceed maximum number of units

If you need to take more than 18 units in one quarter, see Maximum Number of Units Policy.

Reimbursement for professional meetings

We reimburse the registration fees of student pharmacists who travel to and participate in a professional conference or meeting and who meet the reimbursement requirements. Details: Funding Guidelines for Student Attendance & Participation in Professional Meetings.


We administer many UCSF scholarships annually. In addition, scholarships from external organizations are announced through email.


Tutoring is available at no charge for students experiencing difficulty in certain core courses. For information about tutors, contact us.