Reimbursement for Professional Meeting Registration Fees

The Office of Student and Curricular Affairs reimburses the registration fees of student pharmacists who travel to and participate in a professional conference or meeting and who meet the reimbursement requirements specified below.

Attending these meetings helps you develop a broader sense of the profession of pharmacy. On a personal level, you learn about the issues confronting the profession, you meet practitioners who are leaders in all areas of practice, and you get the chance to network with practitioners and student pharmacists from other schools.

As you plan your attendance at a professional meeting, consult the Guidelines for Student Attendance at Extracurricular Professional Activities that Require Absence from Didactic Courses for guidance regarding meetings that take place on class days.

Eligible for reimbursement

Fees for national and regional meetings affiliated with the following organizations:

  • ACCP
  • APhA/CPhA
  • AMCP
  • NCPA
  • SNPhA

Not eligible for reimbursement

Fees for:

  • Meetings in San Francisco
  • Meetings of fraternities affiliated with the School of Pharmacy
  • Students in their final year attending CSHP Seminar or ASHP MidYear (except for Julian Weiss Scholars—see below) or ACCP Annual Meeting

To request reimbursement for attending other professional meetings, submit a written request to the OSACA. In reviewing the request, we will consider how the meeting will provide significant student-directed programming or cover topics of interest to your research or clinical work. Following the meeting, you may be required to submit a written statement of your experience.

Other requirements

  • Limit of two reimbursed meetings per year.
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 14 days of the meeting.
  • You must attend all events specified by the student leaders.
  • You must disclose any external sponsorship or funding for the meetings for which you seek reimbursement.

Reimbursement amount

The amount is determined by the location of the meeting:

Western region (California, Arizona, & Nevada)

The amount is determined in advance by the OSACA in conjunction with the leadership with the affiliated student organization. Reimbursement ranges from 30% to 70% of the student member, early-bird rate.

The amount of your contribution will not exceed US$50.00.

All other states

The amount is 100% of the student member, early-bird rate.

P4 scholarships for December Midyear Clinical

If you are a fourth-year student, you can apply to be considered to receive one of 4 US$250 Julian Weiss Scholarships to be used to attend the December Midyear Clinical meeting of the ASHP. Submit an essay to the OSACA stating how you expect to benefit from attending the Midyear meeting. Details are provided to you in e-mail. These scholarships are similarly disbursed via reimbursement.

How to be reimbursed

Review the Professional Meeting and Travel Reimbursement Guidelines, then complete and submit the following reimbursement form.

PDF iconprof_mtg_reimbursement_form_july_2019.pdf

PDF, 1 page, 172 KB,
Requires Adobe Reader


Contact the OSACA.