Notification of Religious Observances Policy

In compliance with the state Education Code, the University of California, San Francisco, makes every effort to reschedule tests or examinations, without penalty, at a time when the activity will not violate the student’s religious creed.

It is the responsibility of the student to submit a written request for religious accommodation during the first two weeks of the quarter, or as soon as possible after an examination is announced by an instructor. Requests by PharmD students for religious accommodation of examination scheduling may be made by completing the Notification of Religious Observances form below.

Notification of Religious Observances Form

Should you have questions or need to make further arrangements, you can contact the Office of Student and Curricular Affairs in the School of Pharmacy.

Accommodations may not be possible when alternative scheduling will impose undue, unavoidable hardship. Unresolved scheduling conflicts are addressed in a prompt and equitable manner. In the case of conflicts, students may appeal to the chair of the department or the dean of the school or the Graduate Division.

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