APPE Background Check and Drug Screen Requirements


These requirements apply to all PharmD students.


Your program or a specific APPE site may require a background investigation and/or drug screen. The School of Pharmacy covers the cost of background checks and drug screens for APPEs. Please follow the guidance of your program director before applying for either of these screenings. If a background check or drug screen is required for your APPE, we ask that you initiate this process well before your rotations to be sure your entry into APPEs is not delayed.

The School of Pharmacy will not have access to the full report, but only the result—either pass or review (which means an incident has been reported in the investigation). The result of the background check/drug screen be will confirmed via a secure web portal and used only for verifying eligibility for you to take a rotation at an APPE site for which a background check/drug screen is required. Information regarding this process is available in the APPE student manual.

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