Co-curricular Progression Standards


These standards apply to all PharmD students.


All students enrolled in the PharmD program are required to comply with the Co-Curricular Tracking and Assessment program established to meet Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical Education Standards 2016.

Students are required to complete a yearly pre- and post-assessment of their co-curricular involvement and meet the activity requirements associated with their year in the program as outlined at the beginning of the academic year.

Consequences of not meeting this requirement are:

  1. Student will receive a Professionalism Concerns Report (PCR) and will be required to meet with an Associate Dean regarding this standard. A plan for completion of the requirement will be developed. Additional PCR(s) may be filed in the event the plan is not completed as outlined.

    The PCR will be based on the following:

    • The student was tardy, absent, and/or missed deadlines/appointments(Responsibility)
    • The student needed continual reminders in the fulfillment of responsibilities(Responsibility)
    • The student could not be relied upon to complete their responsibilities in a timely manner(Responsibility)
    • The student did not adhere to policies, procedures and/or instructions(Responsibility)
  2. Additionally, students who do not complete the requirement will be subject to the following:

    P1 Year

    Any student who does not complete the requirement by the last day of didactic instruction in P1 year will not be eligible to participate in second year IPPE experiences until the requirement is satisfied which may delay the student’s progression based on IPPE availability. The student will be ineligible to hold a UCSF/School leadership position during the P2 year.

    P2 Year

    The associate dean of experiential education and professional development and APPE Program Directors are notified if a student does not complete the requirement by the last day of didactic instruction in P2 year. APPE Program Directors may restrict participation in APPEs until the requirement is satisfied.

Last Updated: June 2021

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