Remote Proctoring Examination Policy and Procedure


To ensure validity of examinations and on-time progression of students through the curriculum and the institution’s confidence in confirming academic outcomes and degree attainment.


Completion of Summative Assessments is required for the on-time progression of students through the curriculum. Ensuring assessment integrity is critical to the school’s confidence in confirming outcomes and degree attainment.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school moved to delivering the didactic curriculum by remote access. Accordingly, examinations will also be administered and proctored remotely through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solution.

The school will conduct a remote proctoring pilot by implanting software that ensures identity of the exam taker through video and audio monitoring.

Use of remote delivery software and technologies heightens the criticality of existing privacy and information security requirements. The school’s general privacy requirements remain intact.

The following procedures apply:

  1. Exam integrity (ExamID™) and proctoring software (ExamMonitor™) will be added to the pre-existing School of Pharmacy Examsoft software/license.
  2. The UC Data Security Appendix will be added to the ExamSoft Contract.
  3. Students are required to provide consent to the collection of biometric data and audio/video recordings. Students may opt-out of signing the consent form, but may risk a delay in progression in the PharmD program.
  4. Reasonable accommodation granted to students through Student Disability Services.
  5. Students will not incur additional costs to access or complete examinations utilizing ExamID™ and ExamMonitor™ software.
  6. Policies and procedures for remote examination administration will be reviewed and approved through Curriculum and Education Policy Committee.


  1. Examinations will be administered remotely utilizing ExamID™ and ExamMonitor™ remote proctoring software.
  2. Prior to each exam, students are required to complete a consent form agreeing to the collection of biometric data and audio/visual recordings.
  3. Students may opt-out of the use of ExamID™ and ExamMonitor™. Opting out of examinations may delay progression in the PharmD program.
  4. Student images and recordings will be deleted post-examination and after reviews for academic misconduct attempts are resolved.
  5. The process will be led by the Office of Education and Instructional Services (OEIS) and overseen by the Vice Dean of Education.