Technology Requirements Fall 2017

The requirements below are for PharmD students entering in Fall 2017. Past requirements are available in the archive section below. Requirements for students entering in 2018 will be available on this page in June 2018.

1. Campus Requirements

All PharmD students are required to meet the UCSF campuswide Technology Requirements for Students. This is an extensive policy that:

  • Establishes all students must own a computer.
  • Provides minimum hardware requirements.
  • Dictates that certain software is installed.
  • Ensures you have an open line of communication with campus.
  • Ensures you can access all learning materials.

The Student Software Guide provides background and guidance on installing all required software along with additional recommended software and mobile apps. Students should also review the Technology Introduction for Students which provides an overview of technology at UCSF.

2. Additional School of Pharmacy Requirements

Additionally, PharmD students have specific requirements which extend and/or supersede campuswide requirements.

A. You are required to own a laptop that meets the UCSF campuswide Technology Requirements for Students.

B. Your laptop must be able to operate on battery for at least three hours of normal activity (e.g., web browsing, word processing, wireless). For computer-based exams, we cannot guarantee in every case that your seat or setting will provide you with access to power.

C. You are required to own a privacy screen and use it during all computer-based exams.

  • A privacy screen is a filter that attaches over your device’s display to make information visible to only you. You’ll need to select one that fits your device. Because there are many kinds of devices and privacy screens we cannot provide recommendations or guidance on purchasing, but see 3M Privacy and Screen Protectors for examples.
  • You can usually find privacy screens at stores that carry computer accessories. When not taking an exam that requires it, we do not require you to use the privacy screen. Most privacy filters detach easily, enabling you to use them only when needed.

D. You are required to install the following software:

  1. Examsoft Examplify (for taking exams)
  2. FastTest WebLock (for taking the PCOA exam)
  3. Citrix Receiver (for accessing our electronic medical record system called APeX)
  4. Zoom Client (for web conferencing)


Technology requirements for student pharmacists entering in:

Questions or feedback?

Contact the Student Computer Support Help Desk at [email protected].