Technology Requirements Summer 2018

The requirements below are for PharmD students entering in Summer 2018. Past requirements are available in the archive section below. Requirements for students entering in 2019 will be available on this page by May 1, 2019.

Financial aid note:

  • If you need financial assistance to purchase a computer to meet the requirements outlined below, please visit: Cost of Attendance - Exceptions to the Standard Student Budget - Computer Purchases.
  • Given the nature of its use in the curriculum, the cost of purchasing the required iPad and keyboard has been built into the "Books & Supplies Cost" in the 2018-19 student budget for pharmacy students entering in 2018 and is therefore a cost factored in to your Student Financial Aid award.

1. Campus Requirements

All PharmD students are required to meet the UCSF campuswide Technology Requirements for Students. This is an extensive policy that:

  • Establishes all students must own a laptop computer.
  • Provides minimum hardware requirements.
  • Dictates that certain software is installed.
  • Requires the setup and use of your @ucsf.edu email account.
  • Ensures you can access all learning materials.

The Student Software Guide provides background and guidance on installing all required software along with additional recommended software and mobile apps. Students should also review the Technology Introduction for Students which provides an overview of technology at UCSF.

2. Additional School of Pharmacy Requirements

PharmD students have specific requirements which extend and/or supersede campuswide requirements.

A. You are required to own a laptop that meets the UCSF campuswide Technology Requirements for Students.

B. Your laptop must be able to operate on battery for at least three hours of normal activity (e.g., web browsing, word processing, wireless). We cannot guarantee that our classrooms will provide you with access to power.

C. You are required to install the following software on your laptop:

  1. FastTest WebLock (Respondus LockDown Browser) (for taking the PCOA exam)
  2. Citrix Receiver (for accessing our electronic medical record system called APeX)
  3. Zoom Client (for web conferencing)

D. You are required to own an Apple iPad or iPad Pro that meets the following requirements:

  1. 9.7-inch display or larger
  2. 2 GB of memory or more
  3. 64 GB of storage or larger

The following models meet this requirement:

  • iPad 2018 (6th-generation) | 9.7-inch | 128 GB
  • iPad 2017 (5th-generation) | 9.7-inch | 128 GB
  • iPad Air 2 | 9.7-inch | 64 or 128 GB
  • iPad Pro 2 | 10.5 or 12.9-inch | 64, 128, or 256 GB
  • iPad Pro | 9.7 or 12.9-inch |128 GB

We offer no specific recommendation from this list and suggest that you make purchase decisions based on your budget, features, and preferences. If you plan on using your iPad as your primary device for taking notes, you may want to consider getting an iPad Pro which has a larger screen and ability to use Apple Pencil.

E. You are required to own an iPad keyboard.

  • There is a large variety of keyboard manufacturers and designs; we offer no specific recommendation and suggest that you make purchase decisions based on your budget, features, and preferences.
  • You should expect to pay $100 or more for a quality keyboard and should consider the following features:
    • Folio-style or clamshell: a clamshell case which firmly holds you iPad in place will allow you to more easily work when desk space is limited. Folio cases tend to be lighter and cheaper but typically rely on a groove or magnet to hold you iPad in place and offer only a single propped-up angle to view the display.
    • Always-on or removable: Some cases make it difficult to use your iPad as just a tablet. If you plan on using the keyboard infrequently, you may want to consider a case that can be easily removed.
    • Typing experience: To varying degrees, all iPad keyboards offer smaller-than normal keys in a compact layout. You will need to be comfortable typing short answer and essay questions on your keyboard and we emphasize that you take this into consideration and use your keyboard often enough that you are comfortable using it during exams.

F. You are required to install ExamSoft Examplify and use your iPad for all computer-based exams.

  • ExamSoft Examplify (available for free in the App Store)
  • Please familiar yourself with the process of downloading, starting, taking, and uploading an exam.

G. You will be required to use your iPad in various sessions in the Applied Patient Care Skills thread and may be required to install or purchase additional Apps.


Technology requirements for student pharmacists entering in:

Have questions or need purchasing advice?

Contact the School of Pharmacy's Student Helpdesk at [email protected].