This page describes for web editors in the School of Pharmacy how to upload audio in a website built by the Office of Communications.

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Before uploading

Don’t use audio unless it is required

Can you communicate what you need to with text instead?

Required: create a transcript

You are required by University policy and state and federal law to make audio files accessible to persons with disabilities.

In most cases you meet this requirement by providing a transcript alongside the audio file.

  • For very short audio files, create the transcript yourself.

  • For longer audio files:

    • Use a free, automated tool such as Otter to create a machine-generated transcript, then carefully review it and correct any mistakes you find.

    • Contact us at Website and Communications Support. We can connect you with a reliable transcription service that we regularly use. This costs around $2 per minute, and the turnaround time is three to five business days.

Upload audio

  1. Edit the page to which you want to add audio.

  2. Place your cursor on a new line where you want the audio.

  3. paragraph format menu showing normal selected.

    Paragraph Format menu

    Use the Paragraph Format menu to set the paragraph format to Normal.

  4. button.

    Add Media button

    Select the Add Media button. A dialog appears asking you to upload a new file.

  5. Find and select the audio file on your device. The filename then appears in the upload field.

  6. Select the Next button. The audio file is uploaded, and an audio player appears with an Edit file / crop link and some local options.

  7. Select the Submit button, leaving the local options on default settings.

  8. The audio player should now appear in the location you specified.

  9. Contact us at Website and Communications Support:

    1. If these steps did not give you your desired result.

    2. For help inserting an accordion element for the transcript (as in the CERSI News example below).

Allowed file types

Filename extension



standard modern digital audio file

oga, ogg, ogv



WebM audio