This page describes for web editors in the School of Pharmacy how to use the text editor in a website built by the Office of Communications.

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Editing text is similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Word

familiar tools

Familiar tools

A toolbar across the top of the editing area provides tools for formatting text. Some of these tools will likely be familiar to you.

Familiar tools:

  • bold and italic

  • justification

  • bullets and numbering

  • indention

  • table

  • undo and redo

  • find and replace

Familiar tools should function as you expect, but if they don’t, let us know at Website and Communications Support.

Some tools are specific to our web editing environment

Add Media
The Add Media button enables you to upload images, documents, video, or audio.
insert table
The Table button enables you to insert or change a table. This works like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, but there are some things specific to our system. Details: Tables.
link tools
Link tools enable you to control hyperlinks on your web page: Link, Unlink, and Anchor. Details: Links and Accordions.
paragraph format and formatting styles
The Paragraph Format and Formatting Styles picklists enable you to specify heading structures and apply formatting.
block quote
The Block Quote button enables you to format a long quotation. Details: Block quote.