This page describes for web editors in the School of Pharmacy how people listings are handled in a website built by the Communications team in the Office of Administration.

On this page

For a microsite

People listings for a microsite on pharm.ucsf.edu can be handled like these examples:

To create a people listing with this method:

  1. Create a two-column table, applying the stylesheet class called people2018. (For more info about table stylesheet classes, see Tables.)

  2. For each person’s row, insert the name and contact info in the first column, and insert the headshot in the second column set to size quarter or smaller and with no text wrapping.

To change or remove a people listing, edit the table, then publish the page.

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For all other School of Pharmacy sites

The Office of Planning and Communications manages people listings that appear at the following locations:

The School of Pharmacy Web Advisory Committee manages people listings that appear in People sections of our sites. For example:

People listings on these sites appear with all of the following:

  • Pages listing groups of people

  • Each person has his or her own page

People information is shared among these sites. For example, a Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry faculty member is listed on pharmacy.ucsf.edu as well as pharmchem.ucsf.edu.

Person listing guidelines

  • How to specify titles and admin roles for both faculty and staff members.

  • Faculty members:

    • A headshot photo is required, minimum of 1,000 pixels in width.

    • If a lab website exists, include it in the Miscellaneous Links section—not in the Affiliations section.

    • Do not upload curriculum vitae in PDF format since it is more difficult to make accessible. Instead, ensure that his or her profile is current at UCSF Profiles. This page automatically links to that page.

  • Staff members:

    • A headshot photo is recommended but optional, minimum of 1,000 pixels in width.

Create a person listing

Only department editors and system administrators can create a person listing:

  1. Log in to pharmacy.ucsf.edu.

  2. Select Content > Add Content > UCSF Person from the dark gray menu bar at the top of the page, then enter that person’s UCSF email address. If found, that person’s profile page opens for editing. Complete all sections as thoroughly as possible.

  3. Select the Save button. The new page should now be available to unauthenticated visitors.

Video walkthroughs

  1. Video, 3 minutes: Add a new person listing
  2. Video, 1 minute, 43 seconds: Add a photo to a person listing

Change a person listing

Only department editors and system administrators can change a person listing:

Find, edit, and save the person listing. Your changes are expected to be visible to unauthenticated visitors:

  • On pharmacy.ucsf.edu no later than one hour.

  • On department sites or program sites no later than two hours.

Request a manual update to a person listing

Changes to faculty profile data on UCSF Profiles or to person data in the PeopleConnect system are automatically reflected in our website after eight days. If you want our website to reflect the changes sooner, you can submit a request manually:

  1. Wait at least 24 hours since the change in question was made to UCSF Profiles or PeopleConnect.
  2. Log in to pharmacy.ucsf.edu, then find the person’s profile page.
  3. Select the horizontal tab called EDS/Profiles Update. After a few seconds, the page reloads, and system messages appear informing you of the results of the request.

Not seeing the result you expect? Contact us at Website and Communications Support.

Remove a person listing

Submit this request at Website and Communications Support.

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