This page describes for web editors in the School of Pharmacy how to work with image galleries in a website built by the Office of Communications.

  • A gallery is similar to a photo album, and it is distinct from a Slideshow.
  • Galleries are available only to sites on

On this page

Create a gallery

  1. In the dark gray menu bar at the top of the page, select Content > Add Content > Gallery. A Create Gallery page appears with tabs for Gallery and Header & Footer.

  2. In the Gallery section, add a title for your gallery in the Title field.

  3. Select the Select media button. A media browser dialog appears.

  4. Add images to the media browser, then select the Start upload button. The images begin uploading. As each image uploads, its upload status appears in the rightmost column.

  5. Wait until all the images finish uploading, then select the Next button. The media browser dialog reloads, and a long form appears.

  6. For each image presented in the form:

    1. Required: add alternative text, as described in Required: create alternative text for screen reader users.

    2. Optional: add credits and captions as described in Images.

    3. Optional: specify a square crop. The thumbnail image represents the crop of the image to be used on the gallery page. If this default crop is not ideal, select Square Crop from the Manual Crop picklist to specify a better one.

  7. Select the Save button. The Create Gallery page appears, and image thumbnails appear in sequence below the gallery title field.

  8. Optional: reorder an image by dragging the grab handle at the top left corner of the image thumbnail.

  9. Optional: select the Header & Footer tab, then add any text to appear before (header) or after (footer) the gallery thumbnails.

  10. Do not set a domain-specific path.

  11. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page. The page reloads with the completed gallery page.

  12. If a menu item to Gallery is not already included in your site’s primary navigation, let us know at Website and Communications Support and we’ll add it for you.

Change a gallery

Changing a gallery header or footer and changing items in a gallery should be obvious once you edit the gallery page. If needed, review how to create a gallery, or contact us at Website and Communications Support.

Remove a gallery

  • To remove one or more images in a gallery, see change a gallery.

  • To remove an entire gallery, edit the gallery page, then in the Publishing Options section, clear the checkbox on the field called Published. Galleries are never deleted; only unpublished. If the removal is temporary, later you can select the Published checkbox to republish it.