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All School of Pharmacy web editors can be granted access to a tool called Siteimprove that enables you to easily identify and resolve common problems with your website, such as broken links and misspelled words.

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In Siteimprove you can see issues for only the content that you own. You can use it as much as you want to improve your website. Ideally you’d check Siteimprove on a regular basis at a schedule that you see fit. Below are some example screenshots. Siteimprove is funded at the UC level and administered at the campus level; you are not responsible for its cost or administration.

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Misspelled words



Any School of Pharmacy web editor is eligible to use Siteimprove. To express interest, contact us at Website and Communications Support.


Senior Front-end Developer Frank Farm will walk you through an initial training session. Afterwards, you’re welcome to begin using Siteimprove with or without additional training:

Logging in

After your participation is confirmed and your account has been set up, log in with your MyAccess credentials using the following link and choosing UCSF as your identity provider.

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