How to Specify Titles and Admin Roles

This page describes for web editors in the School of Pharmacy how to specify working titles and administrative roles for certain people pages in a website built by the Office of Communications. This page is typically relevant only upon a person’s hiring or change in payroll title or working title.

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Basic guidelines

  • All School of Pharmacy people should have a plain language working title in the PeopleConnect system’s Working Title field. Why? Staff payroll titles and faculty academic titles can be cumbersome and confusing to site visitors, whether internal or external.
  • If you see an ALL-CAPS PAYROLL TITLE appear on the UCSF directory, School of Pharmacy person page, or UCSF Profiles page, you should correct it with the help of HR and appropriate department or unit staff. Replace it with a plain language working title. That title should be written in title case (aka initial caps).
  • Plain language working titles should be reflected in job and position descriptions. Departments and units should provide working titles to HR as part of their standard onboarding or position creation process.
  • The PeopleConnect Working Title field is limited to 30 characters and should be as complete as possible before abbreviating.

Staff working titles

  • For these purposes, staff includes all career and contract staff positions, as well as non-faculty academics such as postdocs and researchers. (HR tickets for non-faculty academics must be labeled “Academic” in order to be routed correctly.)
  • Payroll titles of staff members reflect job category and level (career tracks) and often provide little insight into what the staff person actually does. Examples: WRITTEN COMM MGR 2, RSCH GNT PRG OFCR 4.
  • A staff working title is a real-world description of the staff position. Examples: Editorial Director, Finance and Budget Analyst, Residency & CE Program Mgr, Operations Analyst.
  • Staff working titles should not include the name of the department or unit.

Faculty working titles

  • For these purposes, faculty includes:
    • all paid faculty in the School
    • faculty members considered primary by a department
    • a few-high level administrators who also hold faculty positions (also covered below in Faculty members with administrative roles).
  • Payroll titles of faculty members are based on academic titles and can include the faculty series, rank, and/or other modifiers.
  • Faculty working titles include rank but omit modifiers. These modifiers to be omitted are the series and other bureaucratic details.
  • Most faculty working titles will simply be Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor. Examples:
    • ASSOC PROF-HCOMP → Associate Professor
    • ASST PROF IN RES-FY → Assistant Professor
    • ASST ADJ PROF-HCOMP → Assistant Professor
    • PROF OF CLIN-HCOMP → Professor
  • Recall and Emeritus titles often don’t contain “professor” but should still default to a professor-based working title. Recall faculty are considered actively working and available enough to just be labeled “professor,” the few cases where emeritus are listed like primary faculty should be labeled as such. Examples:
    • RECALL TEACHING → Professor
    • SENATE EMERITUS → Professor Emeritus

Faculty members with administrative roles

  • This section applies to roles such as the dean, vice deans, department chairs, some associate deans, and certain program directors.
  • Administrative role should be presented first in the working title, followed by their faculty role (generally just “Professor”) as outlined above in Faculty Working Titles.
  • Write out the “and” if space allows, otherwise use “&” not “+”
  • Preceptors, volunteers, and WOS faculty are not presented with individual profiles on the School and department websites, therefore they need only their administrative role listed, not “Professor.” If needed, see below: Complex Cases.
  • Neither School nor department name should be added to these titles.

Faculty members holding directorships

  • Directorships vary considerably. Include a directorship in a faculty member’s working title only if it is the person’s main role (or, occasionally, a key role—contact us if needed).
  • Directorships that are a secondary responsibility or incidental to a person’s academic work should not be included in working title.
  • Abbreviation of the center or unit name will often be necessary to stay within the 30-character limit.
  • Follow all other guidelines for Faculty Members with Administrative Roles.

Complex cases

Sometimes complex cases arise, such as someone having a different role in the School than elsewhere, or having additional roles or titles that are important to highlight but can’t easily fit in the 30-character directory limit. In these cases, contact us for a solution.

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