Consent forms

Below are the forms needed to participate in the UCSF Limb Study. They can be downloaded, printed and filled out at your leisure.



  • Ahituv Lab
    Our main laboratory website which has further information on our current research projects, publications and our lab members.

  • Genetic & Rare Diseases Information Center
    A National Institutes of Health website that provides information on genetic and rare diseases including: current research, genetic testing services, advocacy groups for specific and rare diseases, and articles published in medical journals.

  • Genetics Home Reference (GHR)
    A website for the general public about genetics and health including descriptions of various genetic conditions and genes as well as a glossary of genetic and medical terminology.

  • Helping Hands Foundation
    Support for parents whose children have upper limb differences, including links to resources, support groups, and discussion forums.

  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
    A comprehensive database of all known human genes and genetic phenotypes, primarily for physicians and researchers.