Filing for Graduation

For students graduating in 2020

To file for graduation, complete two forms as directed below, order your transcript (if applicable), and send them to our office so that we receive them on or before your filing deadline.

Graduation quarter

Filing deadline


February 1

Spring (Block 1 only)

April 1

Spring (Blocks 1 & 2 or 2 only)

May 1


September 1


November 1

If the filing deadline falls on a weekend or University holiday, the deadline is automatically moved to the following business day.

Send us two forms and one copy of an email confirmation:

  1. PDF iconintent_to_graduate_2020.pdf

  2. Pathway Worksheet
    Use only the worksheet for your pathway:

    To help you complete the pathway worksheet, refer to the
    PDF iconcore_curriculum_class_of_2020_rev_sept_17.pdf

  3. Email Confirmation of Transcript Request

    This step applies only if you are applying for licensure in California this spring.

    Request a paper transcript from the Registrar’s office and attach a copy of the confirmation email you receive from the Registrar verifying that your transcript has been ordered.

    Our office will prepare your transcript to be sent to the California Board of Pharmacy with your pharmacist licensure application, since an official transcript with your degree posted is required as part of the application.

    1. Place your transcript order online. During the ordering process, follow the prompt to request that your order be held for degree posting. Provide the OSACA’s mailing address:

      UCSF School of Pharmacy
      513 Parnassus Ave Rm 960
      San Francisco CA 94143
    2. After you submit your order, the system automatically emails you a confirmation of your transcript request. (If you do not receive the confirmation email, contact the Registrar's office.)

    3. Attach a copy of the confirmation email to your intent to graduate paperwork.

    The Registrar's office will print your transcript once your degree is posted, and our office attaches it to your licensure application.






[email protected]


513 Parnassus Avenue #960
San Francisco CA 94143

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